About the Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen

The Worcestershire Guild of Designer Craftsmen was founded in 1952 by nine Worcestershire artist-craftsmen, including Alan Knight and his wife Alice Barnwell. They started holding small exhibitions within the first year, and drew up a simple Constitution.

Over the years the Guild has grown in professionalism and size, but maintains its ethos which requires all members to make all or part of their income from their individually designed and made work. A wide variety of media is on sale at regular shows throughout the year, including jewellery, pottery and ceramics, metalwork, furniture, glass, textiles and leather. There is also a permanent shop exhibiting members' work at Hartlebury Castle.

The Alan Knight Award

The Guild presents this award to a designer maker who has recently started on a professional career. The aim is to encourage development and give up to four free exhibitions and free membership during their year as award winner. Selection is made by proposal and vote at the AGM.

Alan Knight, master blacksmith and silversmith, was one of the founder members of the Guild and worked tirelessly to teach and encourage many young apprentices to pursue the goal of excellence. The award is an appropriate tribute to his memory.


The Guild continues to foster education in the Arts. Various members lecture on a part-time basis in Colleges of Further Education, some promoting their craft by holding day workshops.' Creative work is done in schools with children of varying ages.