Sharon Griffin

Ceramic Artist

About Sharon Griffin


I like to be inspired by a narrative which mirrors or tells a story of an everyday moment in life. I am searching for a sense of deeper meaning and 'feeling' within human form; stories of loves and losses; characters from a play; a response to a woodland walk. I long to visit the calm, quiet space in my being, where there's an inner sense of peace and tranquillity.

'Sometimes my work has a darker macarbe feel to it.

I like to include a story of a moment in time which would otherwise go un-noticed. I wish to evoke 'feeling' and mirror the 'gesture' through the use of fast marks, quick making techniques and 'sketches'.

My work sometimes has an unfinished quality which adds to the idea that the figure is a suggestion of a living being rather than a still ornamental object. It is important to me that my figures have an identity and are able to connect with an audience in a non physical sense.

'Faun' is part of a current body of work which is a direct response to the landscape found in Shropshire and the Welsh Borders. I am inspired by the stories of the woodland and green space surrounding my home in Shropshire; exploring the world of dense dark forests ruled by landowners, which are roamed by deer and where scurrying creatures reside. I am playing around with the theme of a natural habitat versus 'man made' environments and want to give the creatures of the forest a voice, merging animal with human form. I am using Folklore and Myths to help narrate my work and give me inspiration for characters.

I work in clay sculpture and oil paint. I paint portraits and exhibit my work locally and throughout the UK. My paintings and sculptures are inextricably linked with one another.