Michele Anthony

Ceramic Artist

About Mich'le Anthony

Mich'le Anthony is now working and also exhibiting in galleries in France. The move across the Channel giving her the oppurtunity to explore more narrative ideas, particularly the human form.The result has been a series of fun, voluptuous and vivacious ladies all with their own strong individual character, personality and charm.
These collections of ladies have attended many exhibitions with their cherry cheeks and exotic swimwear, doing their best impressions of a provocative pose are all vying for attention in the best possible way!

Now based in France I still exhibit in the UK my louche, luscious and loveable ladies. Their characters sing and shout and their provocative poses are suggestive of their name 'les Femmes Fatales'. They are made in high fired stoneware clay suitable for both exteriors and interiors. Each one is unique vivacious and fun.


Contact Details

52 Route Principale

Bresse sur Grosne

Exhibits at Hartlebury No workshop sessions Studio not open to public